Olivia Bennaim-Selvi

Lawyer at OBS Law in Geneva specializing in compliance, banking and financial law, swiss civil law, debt collection and bankruptcy.

Obs Law - lawyer

Olivia Bennaim-Selvi is a lawyer at the Geneva bar. She has the distinction of having dual expertise : lawyer in banking and financial law and specialist in the area of compliance, up to speed with all aspects of regulation applicable to banks, financial intermediaries and other commercial players. Her experience as a lawyer in Geneva also gives her the necessary basis for meeting the needs of her clients in various areas of civil and commercial law.

Admitted to the bar in Geneva in 2000, Maître Bennaim-Selvi began practicing in New York, where she acquired professional experience in the area of international arbitration at one of the largest New York firms, which confirmed her taste for commercial and international law. She then obtained her Master's in international law (LL.M.) at the NYU Law School as well as received a diploma in business and law from the NYU STERN School of Business. She then rejoined the ranks of the University of Geneva as teaching assistant where she focused on works in international law, with an expertise in matters of money laundering and tax fraud in Swiss and international law.

In 2005, Maître Bennaim-Selvi became head legal and compliance officer at a banking establishment subject to FINMA supervision and developed in-depth knowledge of banking and financial law. Simultaneously, she worked as a trust officer and obtained the TEP (Trusts and Estates Practitioner) diploma.

Having dealt with cases as varied as complex, she realized that the landscape and the legal and regulatory obligations in financial and banking areas had gone through significant changes over recent years. For this reason, she decided to open her own firm and offer her skills to corporate entities and private individuals who find themselves needing expertise and sharp knowledge, particularly in banking and compliance matters.

Moreover, conscious of the fact that the role of lawyer is also that of proximity, the wish to maintain a special relationship with her clients remains close to her heart. Consequently, she offers her services to private individuals in order to accompany them through the various legal challenges of everyday life.

Maître Bennaim-Selvi is available at OBS Law, Geneva for disputes as well as for any advice in :

  • matters of compliance
  • CRS - Automatic Exchange of Information
  • banking and financial law
  • commercial and contractual law
  • debt collection and bankruptcy
  • civil law
  • any legal issues related to everyday concerns

Contact Maître Bennaim-Selvi. She will respond to you just in a timely manner, with fee estimate as of inception of the relationship and a flexible fee structure.