A dynamic and skilled lawer for all your business needs

The OBS law firm in Geneva provides help and advice in the area of company constitutions, contracts or any other activity with reference to Swiss or international commercial law.

Are you a bank or financial intermediary looking for specialist representation ?

Maître Benaim-Selvi, specializing in Swiss banking and financial law, answers to all your issues in matters of compliance, anti-money laundering (AML), banking legislation and regulation as well as any kind of internal inquiry or investigation.

Are you a private individual needing a lawyer specializing in Swiss law ?

Maitre Benaim-Selvi, specialist in Swiss law, advises individuals in the areas of company constitutions, contract law, civil law, inheritance law, legal proceedings and bankruptcies and for all other everyday legal issues.


OBS Law specializes in Swiss law in the areas of :

- Banking and finance

- Compliance


- Company constitution, contracts

- Trusts; Fondations

- Inheritance

- Debt collection and bankruptcy

- Negotiation; mediation

- Everyday legal issues